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  • Photoshop and Muse
  • Planning Website


RGBA- Red, Green, Blue, Alpha

  • Alpha is the transparent,  the magic wand exposes this.
  • White is RGB 100%


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What makes good website…

  • Simple Visuals

  • Easy to read

  • Prioritise content

  • Image choice

  • Audience

  • Contextual awareness of audience;


 iOS 7 has an accelerometer, a gyroscope and compass, which can identify running, walking or whether you’re in a car.

E-commerce is a tool, a software on a website. It is helped by contextual awareness. It all depends when and  where, what you are doing. If someone looks up a brand of food or drink, or has a particular interest, it’ll be presented to them again on social media,  like on Facebook.

Being followed and following a lot of people on Facebook, i get emailed as well  as notified by Facebook. having signed up to FB with my gmail account, it allows Facebook  to  notify me by the mean of gmail and Facebook itself. it makes me want to  respond to  these notifications, use the website in all it’s capabilities.

Graphical style depends on what device is being used,  be that a smart phone, smart TV,  tablet, smart watch, etc.

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Website 22/2/17

Internet, page, web address, domain;

Domains that been bought, free parking,  weebly;

Darkness (encryption- onion);

Search engines.

Looking at the IMDb page for the first Shrek film;

  • Drop downs for the website itself,  but also for the details for the film in particular,  such as the cast and crew, trivia, user reviews and something called IMDb pro, etc.
  • The page also  features advertisements for other media.
  • It features these aforementioned features in full, though there is an option to view more on each.
  • There’s also an  option  for frequently  asked questions about the film.


On the IMDb page for Shrek, the shapes included in the design are mostly quadrilateral, with  the logo being slightly rounded.  The colour scheme is black, yellow and white, with the white colourisation  being mostly featured along the page itself, with  the other two  colours being featured in  the logo and the banner around the page. It uses one font, sans  serif and in black,with  variations in colours with links (blue) and spoilers (red). The shadows are hard to  distinguish from  the background, an advertisements that uses and could potentially use clashing colours with the page itself. Despite this fact, this ints an issue, because the top of film’s page has a shinier gradient than  the matt black of the advert at this time,  which  is for  film called “Fences”.



My reasoning for subtitles

The reason  for having subtitles rather than placards, in the place of dialogue, is due to a need to  keep  the flow of what’s onscreen  being uninterrupted. though this was the initial idea, i have since thought of it as a means to  have the silent film, appear as something of a storybook, as each shot and the words of dialogue would be like writing on page to  a certain extent.

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Time code:

TOD- 09:00:00 (Free run)

1 hours- 01:00:00 (Rec run)

Premier pro:

Shortcuts include V (selection tool), C (cut tool) and the space bar (play/pause).

Between  clips, the former is known  as the outgoing and latter is known as the incoming. The start and end of a clip  are  called the the “head” and the “tail”.

To create an in-point press the “I” Key , the out-point is achieved by  pressing the “O” key.  to prevent the clips having a hard-in  and a hard-out, a dissolve audio effect can  fade in  and fade out to the slightest degree.

Using the arrow keys can scrub the timeline, interpreting each individual second of the clips,  editing it together down to the most  precise moment, manipulating the timeline as you see fit.

Using the different layers can keep the timeline tidier, for better transitions and video  and audio effects.

Wildtrack is a minute’s worth  of background noise.

Editting audio can  be recorded “one-legged” and be recorded from one microphone, heard by the editor through one ear.

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The different sites and their functions

Function: Facebook  is a social media platform, meant for the ages 13 years and up. it’s purpose is to connect friends, family  and strangers on global scale. This link  between  people can be achieved by its messenger (and there Group chats especially), the posts Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 10.18.29.pngmade by  Facebook friends and the overall community is inspired by the groups and pages it has to  has to offer. Facebook  goes out of its way to cater the best it can to every user.

Graphic style: Facebook has a very  contemporary style, having a blue and white colour scheme, complimenting a website clear to read and well-organised in nature. the white takes up the majority of the screen, with the blue banner up the top.

Contextual awareness: Facebook is highly user-friendly, your list of lists of friends comes with people you may know, pages and posts they like and requests for games or apps they  may use. Advertisements for the right time, place and specific to the data Facebook has gathered about you,  they achieve this via the “reacts” on the posts, be they advertisements or from different pages. They then suggest posts to  you, coaxing you  to like more pages and express more of your interests.

Structure Templates:  Facebook is organised very well, it has posts from  your Facebook friends down  the middle, a list  of friends  and additional  features and settings to the right-hand side.


Websites; what and how

Screen Shot 2017-01-11 at 11.10.31.pngThis is the official website for the brand of tortilla chips, known as “Doritos”. The colour scheme and slogan  go  hand in  hand, as it suggests it is “FOR THE BOLD’, as the textures features smooth black background with a sharp orange colouring on top of that, being relatively simple. The logo on top of that makes it clear to the visitors, or more specifically to new potential buyers of their product. Without the logo, the website would seem incomplete, because it’s use on  the page utilises the brand name to the utmost capacity of professionalism. A video above the logo is about the two new competing flavours, and the one which won, once again telling the visitors of the page more of the what they all about.