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101: Avatar

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Avatar is the story of a brave new world and being exploitative of said new world. Pandora is a moon of a fictional, being very loosely based in our own solar system. It is the prospect of brave new world, an idea seen in history and in fiction, many times over. The Na’vi people are analogues of the Native Americans, where their society is incredibly attuned to  the nature of their planet, it’s animals and the plant life, even to the extent that the trees can save the consciousness of their dead.

The theme of belonging is what my FMP shares with this soon to be franchise, Rohan takes his two brothers to the future, to explore, not conquer.  The consequence for Rohan for trying to  assimilate, his brothers are caught in a political scheme of a selfish ruler. Avatar’s main character, Jake Sully, is punished for converging with the Na’vi people, when trying to mine their world’s natural resources. Avatar is a prime example of excellent world-building, a story fitted around a world so cleanly. The idea of the mies-en-scene telling the story was always an idea, but one I had been reluctant to try at first, as I wanted tottery and fit more exposition into 2 minutes. lacking a sizeable duration for my film, focussing on the world-building as the priority.


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