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101: Doctor Who

Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 09.46.29.pngDoctor Who is a cult classic sci-fi franchise that has lasted approximately 50 years. It’s main character is The Doctor, a rogue member of a race of aliens called Time-Lords.  the idea of the rebel, is something people identify with because there is the constant need to escape for the viewer. This Doctor character doesn’t reveal his true name, so it almost pushes the message that you can be capable of anything, as if the Doctor represents a person’s utmost potential. He can literally be anyone, as Time-lords can switch sexes, as shown in the episode “Hell Bent”, the finale of series 9 (promo photo below). He is intelligent and capable, a technological and historical genius, making for a far more relatable hero. For how we’d be safe with the Doctor, we’d also be in great danger if we travelled with him, as his adventures often deal with some deadly alien.  As such, the Doctor too has the potential to

Promotional_image_for_Hell_Bentbe as bad as anyone, making his humanity his defining feature  and a source of inspiration for the characters in my current project.

As of 5/6/17, i have opted to study the first episode of series 8 of the modern series, rather than the penultimate episode of series 9, merely for the reason I cannot access that series on Netflix, so as such need something more accessible with what I have. I will continue studying the series on a whole, but will focus on that particular episode for key instances of character development and storytelling, to see if there are any parallels between the result of my FMP and the episode in question.



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