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Website proposal and ideas:

The website I am creating is to be an online portfolio, based on the websites I have studied. These websites are Facebook, IMDb and Wikipedia.

A Master Page; This page contains all the assets we wish to implement on the rest of website as a whole. The banner along the top of the website will be a series of knight chess piece clipart, duplicated all around the sides. The menu buttons will include, a home section with youtube videos of all my films I’ve created on the course, an “About Me” section, consisting of a personal profile and experiences and aspiration,  and finally an “Album” section,  consisting of pictures from my previous work, organised by project.

Home page; This page retains the qualities that all other pages have, the banner around the top of the page, and the menus up the top.  However the way it differentiates itself fro the other pages is by a slim, yet interesting margin. the home page will have the youtube videos of each and every film I have and will  work  on.

About Me;  This page features a picture of myself to the upper left hand side. it will  also feature a short bio about me, along with aspirations for the future.

Album; This page will log a series of photos from various former projects , such as for the music video and the silent film.



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