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What makes good website…

  • Simple Visuals

  • Easy to read

  • Prioritise content

  • Image choice

  • Audience

  • Contextual awareness of audience;


 iOS 7 has an accelerometer, a gyroscope and compass, which can identify running, walking or whether you’re in a car.

E-commerce is a tool, a software on a website. It is helped by contextual awareness. It all depends when and  where, what you are doing. If someone looks up a brand of food or drink, or has a particular interest, it’ll be presented to them again on social media,  like on Facebook.

Being followed and following a lot of people on Facebook, i get emailed as well  as notified by Facebook. having signed up to FB with my gmail account, it allows Facebook  to  notify me by the mean of gmail and Facebook itself. it makes me want to  respond to  these notifications, use the website in all it’s capabilities.

Graphical style depends on what device is being used,  be that a smart phone, smart TV,  tablet, smart watch, etc.


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