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Website 22/2/17

Internet, page, web address, domain;

Domains that been bought, free parking,  weebly;

Darkness (encryption- onion);

Search engines.

Looking at the IMDb page for the first Shrek film;

  • Drop downs for the website itself,  but also for the details for the film in particular,  such as the cast and crew, trivia, user reviews and something called IMDb pro, etc.
  • The page also  features advertisements for other media.
  • It features these aforementioned features in full, though there is an option to view more on each.
  • There’s also an  option  for frequently  asked questions about the film.


On the IMDb page for Shrek, the shapes included in the design are mostly quadrilateral, with  the logo being slightly rounded.  The colour scheme is black, yellow and white, with the white colourisation  being mostly featured along the page itself, with  the other two  colours being featured in  the logo and the banner around the page. It uses one font, sans  serif and in black,with  variations in colours with links (blue) and spoilers (red). The shadows are hard to  distinguish from  the background, an advertisements that uses and could potentially use clashing colours with the page itself. Despite this fact, this ints an issue, because the top of film’s page has a shinier gradient than  the matt black of the advert at this time,  which  is for  film called “Fences”.



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