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Time code:

TOD- 09:00:00 (Free run)

1 hours- 01:00:00 (Rec run)

Premier pro:

Shortcuts include V (selection tool), C (cut tool) and the space bar (play/pause).

Between  clips, the former is known  as the outgoing and latter is known as the incoming. The start and end of a clip  are  called the the “head” and the “tail”.

To create an in-point press the “I” Key , the out-point is achieved by  pressing the “O” key.  to prevent the clips having a hard-in  and a hard-out, a dissolve audio effect can  fade in  and fade out to the slightest degree.

Using the arrow keys can scrub the timeline, interpreting each individual second of the clips,  editing it together down to the most  precise moment, manipulating the timeline as you see fit.

Using the different layers can keep the timeline tidier, for better transitions and video  and audio effects.

Wildtrack is a minute’s worth  of background noise.

Editting audio can  be recorded “one-legged” and be recorded from one microphone, heard by the editor through one ear.


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