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The different sites and their functions

Function: Facebook  is a social media platform, meant for the ages 13 years and up. it’s purpose is to connect friends, family  and strangers on global scale. This link  between  people can be achieved by its messenger (and there Group chats especially), the posts Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 10.18.29.pngmade by  Facebook friends and the overall community is inspired by the groups and pages it has to  has to offer. Facebook  goes out of its way to cater the best it can to every user.

Graphic style: Facebook has a very  contemporary style, having a blue and white colour scheme, complimenting a website clear to read and well-organised in nature. the white takes up the majority of the screen, with the blue banner up the top.

Contextual awareness: Facebook is highly user-friendly, your list of lists of friends comes with people you may know, pages and posts they like and requests for games or apps they  may use. Advertisements for the right time, place and specific to the data Facebook has gathered about you,  they achieve this via the “reacts” on the posts, be they advertisements or from different pages. They then suggest posts to  you, coaxing you  to like more pages and express more of your interests.

Structure Templates:  Facebook is organised very well, it has posts from  your Facebook friends down  the middle, a list  of friends  and additional  features and settings to the right-hand side.


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