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Paul Merton’s Silent Clowns

He lends his commentary on  the topic of Buster keaton, how he falls, the power behind the visual gags, and the impact it is has had on Merton. The actors for this sort of humour had to be physically fit. Keaton was well known for his varying of surreal jokes. In the 50s,  Keaton’s comedy transcends language, whern  he performed in France to immense success. Merton shows “the next generation” a short clip from “Seven Chances” that had an  avalanche, from Keaton kicking a pebble. This is  an  example of this visual humour, needing no dialogue, as it would add nothing more. it was basically stunt work  practised in these films. Silent films were deemed obsolete when “talkies” came around, these old films were melted down for their silver nitrate, but some were rediscovered and restored, icluding all of Buster Keaton’s films.


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