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Sound and graphics

untitledTX- Transmission

RX- Receive

Overscan- Can see the full image.

Underscan- Only see the video safe area.


Adobe Premier- Non-linear software

Bin Structure- Keep forever

Time Code- 2 ways, Rec Run (By the hour) and Free Run (Time of Day) 10 hours is when the timeline starts.

Bars and Tone- Cameraperson presses the Bars button causes a tone to  sound that is 1KHz. this is for the purpose of calibration. Layers of sound are recorded, including voice and SFX (wild track for example) and music.

Distortion in the audio goes outside the legal gamut, so it is illegal.

Red in the visuals can “bleed” and go outside the legal gamut, too.

Audio measure- Often  in media there is a VU meter ,which stands for “volume unit”. it does not measure the level  of sound. PPM, Peak  Programme Meter, is the instrument that measures the level of audio.


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