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Project planning points

  1. It has discussed that the music video idea, one set in two locations, is feasible, as permission for both locations is easily attainable. Moreover, the track that the music video is being modelled from, “Vampire Underground” by Teknoaxe, is royalty free, meaning that attaining permission for its use is unnecessary.
  2. We are going to need:
  • Camera;
  • Harness (for smooth camera movement);
  • Tripod (for steady camera work);
  • A minimal cast of three people;
  • A go pro (although holding the camera may work just as well);
  • An editor;
  • A writer;
  • A director.

Note: the above purposes may be taken up by any of the three members of the team.

  1. The target viewers primarily be for teens and up, though it is entirely inappropriate, as the subject of fighting and slaying a vampire is potentially unsuitable for younger viewers, merely of a 12 and under demographic.
  2. The video itself is going to focus on dynamic cinematography and fast-paced editing to immerse the viewer, despite the span of about four minutes. The idea is a very basic narrative, hero saves damsel, defeats villain and saves the day. Considering these characters have no dialogue and the track is instrumental, we have decided to focus mainly on finely tuning visual storytelling, while letting the track compliment the video. Another idea is to time the shots and having certain portions correlate with what’s on screen, adding a sense of rhythm to the piece, characteristic of more conventional music videos that would retain song lyrics. It is meant to keep the viewer highly engaged, interested and even thrilled to some extent I such  a brief amount of time.
  3. The sum of research are from multiple resources, both college and more private research. In college, the research, which can be viewed via the blogs of each team member. Posts on theory knowledge, such as cinematography, screen transitions, narrative theory among many other posts among them, detailing other resources.
  4. A shot list and a story board has been drafted up, whereas the storyboard had to be redone, as we could not secure permission to use the previous song we intended to use. The shot list focusses more on visuals than the narrative, but is nonetheless is important in the vision for the video. What occurs visually will be translated into the script and screenplay, and then finally shot on camera.

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