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Secondary Research: Music Video

The following music videos (below) are sources of inspiration for our music for their different assets they have in each  video  and how it influenced our work. For instance, video 1 has a lot based on  visuals, which  is an  important factor when  considering how to  keep  your audience engaged, and how far we can  really go  to  keep  them  interested. The visuals of this video  vary  from a close-up of the vocalist Brendon Urie mouthing the words, but this is coupled with  various other clips of disturbing imagery that generates an atmosphere of a satanic cult brainwashing, a departure from  the song’s theme and lyrics, but is ambitious and creative enough to mesh together and retain  a high entertainment factor.

Video 2 has synergy  with the Movie Suicide Squad, so  it’ll something of narrative to  begin with. In  looking into this video, we focussed on  how realistic we wanted to make the story, as the vocalist Tyler Joseph acts as a prisoner, in  the same location  as the characters from  the film. later in  the video, he escapes and performs the song, but at the end of the video, he is alone and surrounded by  guards, as if the performance never happened. this detachment was considered, as we’ve thought of having the characters be vampires, adding a hint of the supernatural, that same detachment from reality.

Video 3 is one of our largest  inspirations, as it retains something of a developed plot, and was a video found by typing into YouTube “Vampire music videos”. Already, it acted as an  inspiration for us, as the video allowed to  focus an engaging story, despite the fact our track  is an instrumental.





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